5 steps to healthy hair.


Is your hair becoming straw-like and frizzy? It’s time to take action to make your hair healthy again. By starting a new hair care routine, deep conditioning your hair and nourishing your body with healthy vitamins, you can help your hair get back to its naturally gorgeous self.

Here are some steps by which you make your hairs healthy…

  1. Handle your hair gently: Damaged hair is very brittle, and it needs to be handled with care. If you’re rough with your hair it can split or break, and it will look more frizzy than ever. Starting today, handle your hair with extra care, whether it’s wet or dry. Here’s what to do:
    • When you’re applying shampoo and other products, use your fingers to gently pull the product through your hair from roots to tips. Don’t scrub your hair.
    • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water, not hot water.
    • Don’t wring out your hair or roughly towel it dry. Squeeze out the water gently, then pat it dry with an old t-shirt, chamois or soft towel.
  2. Wash your hair less often: When you wash your hair, the natural oils that protect it from getting dry and brittle get stripped away. Do it too often and your hair will become frizzy and damaged. Cut back to washing your hair only once or twice a week so it has time to recover. After just a week or so, you should notice a positive change in the texture of your hair.[1]
  • When you do shampoo, use only as much product as you need. A dime-or quarter sized amount is fine. Your hair shouldn’t be dripping with soap.
  • If your roots start to look oily between washes, touch them up with dry shampoo. After a few weeks of washing less, it’ll take longer and longer for your roots to need a touch-up. Realize that overuse of dry shampoo can dry out your hair and may damage it.


  1. Let it air dry whenever possible:You’ve probably heard that using a hair dryer wreaks havoc on hair, especially if it’s already damaged. Put down the hair dryer and let your hair air dry naturally. Get down with your natural hair texture; if you learn to love it and leave it alone, it will start getting less frizzy and dry.
    • Avoid heat styling tools, too. Use curling and straightening irons very sparingly, if at all.
    • If you do feel the need to use a hair dryer, use the coolest setting that works for your hair, typically finer textures should use lower temperatures. When finished, set the style with the cool shot.
  2. Use a comb, not a brush:Brushes with plastic bristles drag through your hair, violently pulling out the tangles and causing rips and breaks to occur. A wide-tooth comb is a better tool for gently detangling hair without causing damage. Start by working through the tips of your hair, then move up a few inches at a time until your hair is detangled from tips to roots.


  1. Deep condition your hair once a week:A good deep conditioner can restore your hair’s vitality. It’ll bring out the best in your hair’s natural texture, whether it’s smooth and silky or curly and bouncy. You can use a store-bought deep conditioner according to the manufacturer’s instructions, or make your own deep conditioner treatment natural things.