5 Styles that makes you look stylish and classy:

After basics of dressing the main thing that makes you look attractive and different from other, is your style. It is said that “Style is way to say who you are without having to speak”. Your class is made just by your style. Here you will get 5 styles guide that can make you look amazing and attractive as well.

To look attractive You must have to adopt any one style from the following 5 styles in your dressing.Or you can say these are the basic rules of style in dressing.

01) Layer dressing:

The most attractive style if you have a jolly look and personality is layer dressing. In which you wear a t-shirt inside your shirt with open buttons of your shirt.

02) Matching of color of your shoes with your Shirt or t-shirt:

One of the rule of style is same color of your shoes and your shirt or t-shirt.

03) Matching of color of shoes with your Upper wear:

You can adopt another style also by matching your shoes color with your upper wear,coat jacket blazer e.t.c.

04) Matching of color of your shoes with all your Accessories:

Other rule is to match your shoes color with only your all accessories.

05) Matching of color of your pent,accessory and shoes.

If you can’t perform above four then you also have other option to match color of your pent,accessories and shoes.