How to look attractive with your dressing and style:

As we have been listening for long that, first impression is the last impression. But still we don’t pay attention towards it because may be we don’t know properly that what is our first impression.So if you are going for an interview, attending any seminar, dealing with customers,buying any thing e.t.c ,the thing that will make your first impression is your dressing and style. As it is said that ” You can have any thing in this world, if you dress for it”.So after after doing a dressing all of us wish to look attractive and good , even the happiness of looking good is worthless, it is a thing that gives you lot of inner happiness and self confidence as well. But to look attractive you must have to be familiar with the factors that make you look attractive.

So here you will find 7 best attractive styles with your dressing:

From the following  you will just get idea of looking attractive and stylish but the choice of adopting specific factor according to the event is your own……..

STYLE (01) : With Formal Dressing :-

A formal dressing with dress pent and shirt along with a tie.

  • Inn Shirt.
  • Folded sleeves before elbow.
  • Matching belt and shoes.
  • Wrist watch and accessory matching with shoes.

STYLE (02) : With Formal Dressing :-

Formal dressing With jeans pent and dress shirt.

  • Inn shirt.
  • folded sleeves above elbow.
  • matching shoes and belt casual.
  • Men accessory and jewelry.
  • Open shirt buttons, First two.

STYLE (03) : With Formal Dressing :-

Formal dressing with complete formal suit.

STYLE (04) : With Formal Dressing :-

Formal dressing with Dress pent, shirt and waist coat.

  • Folded sleeves.
  • Formal accessory.
  • Formal shoes.
  • Tie or bow tie.
  • Contrast Waist Coat.

STYLE (05) : With Formal Dressing :-

Formal dressing with dress pent ,shirt ,braces and bow tie.

  • folded or unfolded sleeves.
  • watch.
  • braces and bow tie.