Men’s Wrist Watch

A wrist watch is more than an accessory because it also tells about your personality so you must have a very good choice in selecting a wrist watch that suits on you and your personality.  A wristwatch is a powerful tool that not only provides the wearer with the ability to tell time (hopefully with great accuracy), but it also communicates a personal sense of style perhaps more than any other contraption this side of a pair of well-made shoes or expensive glasses or sunglasses.


most of you surely get confuse when you go for buying a wrist watch because of lots of its variety and different types and due to this confusion you are not able to get what you have to buy. So here are the watches that will give you a right direction of buying a great watch and you will have a proper target of buying a specific watch that will suit on you.

#TYPE 01 (basic):

in this type you will see just few watches but these few will be compulsory for every person who wants to look classy and stylish these are just your basic of watch collection that every one must have.

01)CHRONOGRAPH WATCH (silver chain &round dial):

You must have a silver chain round watch as it will complete and enhance your 40% of dressing styles. it is a very fundamental part of your style so you can’t avoid silver chain wrist watch.


size of dial is the concern of your wrist width so choose dial size according to your wrist size  but shape of dial should be round as it looks more favorable.


after chain watch you must go for a leather strap watch to give diversity to your collection and obviously as a basic watch it also plays an important role in different styles of dressing.


strap should be brown of any shade but dial must be white in basic category but you can also go for different dial in additional watches.


You must have a black watch to complete your basic watch collections you have a option in black watch you can either go for chain or a black strap.


you have to select one from the above pictures to avoid wrong choice as they will surely suits on you/

so these are the basic collection of watches that you must have.

#TYPE 02 (Additional):

Now in the second type there are lots of different types of good watches that will suit on and make your look more classy. but the additional category is totally based on your choice you can select any watch that looks great or you can simply leave the additional category.



It will be a great choice of watch combo of silver and black.

02)LEATHER STRAP (brown and black):


brown strap with black dial can also use in diversity of your style.



Royal color watch are not used in casual dressing mostly they looks great in formal dressing and in party wears. So you should have one royal watch for formal dressing and parties.

04)PLASTIC STRAP (different styles):


you must have a plastic strap watch of any color or design to give your dressing a new look as they will look superb on your wrist.

05)SIMPLE AND DECENT (plain dial and strap):

a plain dial and strap also has a unique look it will make your personality decent and give you a prudent look.



this must be your last option before this collection you should have all the above ones as they don’t look good on every one and also don’t play a good role in making your dressing better.Even some times these type of watches or you can say wrong choice of watch ruins yours dressing and style so you should try to avoid them.


these are the watches that you must have and i am sure that it will help you in choosing best watch that will suit on you and will make you rock every where. 😉